Best Phone Plans In The USA

It can be difficult to decide on the best phone plans in the USA. There are so many options with different prices, networks, and service options how can you choose which of the best cell phone plans is for you? To help you make that decision, we’ve put together a few of our favorites in 2019. 


Popular Phone Plans


Most Flexible Cell Phone Plans: Tello

Tello is among the many, popular Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNO) that have appeared in the last few years. Instead of building their own cell networks, they “rent” traffic on existing networks. Operators like Tello offer cell phone plans that are typically less expensive than major carriers. We put Tello among the best phone plans in the USA because they offer incredible flexibility at a low rate. 


Best Phone Plans For Streaming: AT&T Unlimited Elite

Lots of carriers offer unlimited cell phone plans, but they aren’t all exactly unlimited. Most unlimited plans have rules that limit data speeds when traffic is high or keep streaming at only SD resolution. AT&T’s Unlimited Elite is the answer for anyone who wants to stream HD resolution on the go. It’s also backed by one of the most reliable, best performing networks out there, making it one of the best phone plans in the USA.

Best Phone Plans For Seniors: US Mobile

US Mobile offers some of the best phone plans in the USA for seniors, because they charge only for what you use. If you use lots of talk time and data on month but not the next, each month’s bill will reflect that. You choose a base plan, and then you can top up your numbers as you run out. With base plans that start as low as $4 a month, it’s the perfect provider if you just want a phone for emergencies or if you want to get the whole family on board. 

Best Phone Plans for Kids: Mint Mobile

What makes Mint Mobile one of the best phone plans in the USA? Mint Mobile uses bottom barrel pricing on a top quality network. Like all MVNO’s Mint piggybacks on a major carrier’s mobile network, T Mobile for Mint, and they keep their pricing low. Mint’s plans work in bulk. You pay three, six, or twelve months ahead of time, and they ship you a SIM card ready to go. You know exactly what it costs and what you’ll get, perfect for keeping the kids phones under budget. 

There are a lot of mobile phone providers, but only a few can offer the best phone plans in the USA. We love these plans, and we think you will, too.


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