Apple Speculated to use the 2018 iPad Pro Design on iPhone 11 to create a modern iPhone 5

Everyone is eagerly waiting for Apple’s 2019 iPhone, and we are too. While various news leaks continue to make headlines, recent speculation of what the iPhone 11 should look like has taken a toll. According to the chants, it remains unclear whether the tech giant should consider a new design for the upcoming iPhone 11, (also called iPhone XI) – the same design used on the 2015 iPhone 5 unit.

Apple’s 2018 iPad Pro featured a familiar unibody concept – once used on the iPhone 5 – along with a more premium touch and feel. The design seemed to dump the old curved-edges pattern, which for a long time had graced the iPad series – though still trendy on iPhones. The recent iPad Pros sported sharp edges, with an industrial Aluminum finish, compared to its predecessors.

To date, Apple’s iPhone 11 design features are still blurry. However, one trending suggestion is expecting the iPhone manufacturer to use the 2018 iPad Pro design on the iPhone 11. And according to a Halide developer, who goes by Sebastian de With, the company is planning to create a modern iPhone 5 – check out render illustrated below:

Observing the render posted, you can pick multiple design features between the illustrated concept and the previous iPhone 5 device. Nonetheless, the newly suggested render includes a much coveted edge-to-edge display – bringing about a classic look and feel.

iPhone 5 design -
iPhone 5 design
iPhone 11 render -
iPhone 11 render

We also noticed a squared-off design, which we concluded that the company could omit the camera bump. However, the 2018 iPad Pro still maintain the bump. Moreover, looking at other leaked iPhone 11 prediction renders – having a three camera design – we doubt whether Apple will be willing to remove the camera bump.

iPhone 2019 render -
Credit: Ben Geskin ( – iPhone 2019 render

iPhone 2019 render downside

The render suggested by Sebastian poses certain downsides when compared to the current iPhone curved design. In particular, the flat sides will make it difficult to pick off a flat surface with one hand – unlike when picking a curved edges device. Besides, the flat edges are more prone to damages like bends, whether noticeable or slight bends.

What we think!

If Apple continues with their last three years iPhones design, then they risk attracting law sales from bored consumers. However, updating the much anticipated iPhone 11 design – bring to it the physical outlook of the 2018 iPad Pro – will spark excitement to the consumers. That should trigger them to upgrade to the new release.

Although from a long shot, we’d love to see the iPhone creator bring about this update. The 2018 iPad Pro tier made significant sales, and we are fans of the device. We will be among the top consumers to upgrade to the new release, should they update the design. What is your take on this? It’ll be interesting to know your take on this.

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