AT&T’s Best Mobile Plans in 2024

Selecting the best AT&T mobile plans if often dependent on your priorities and preferences. For instance, if you’re a heavy internet user, and want to source for data at high speeds, then AT&T’s unlimited data plans will suit you. Additionally, if you’re after less data plans that you can share with your family and friends, AT&T’s shared plans might be the solution for you.

How AT&T compares to other carriers

1 line 2 lines 3 lines 4 lines
AT&T $70–$80/mo. $125–$150/mo. $145–$170/mo. $160–$190/mo.
Verizon $75–$95/mo. $130–$180/mo. $150–$210/mo. $160–$240/mo.
T-Mobile $70–$80/mo. $120–$140/mo. $140–$170/mo. $160–$200/mo.
Sprint $60/mo. $100/mo. $100/mo.*** $100/mo.***


Having the best AT&T phone only calls for the right plans to blend with it. Therefore, choosing the right mobile plan for your usage is where we come in. We always try to compile the best reviews, and guides for all phones, carriers and their plans. In particular, for this article, we’ve analyzed and shed light on the best AT&T mobile plans for 2019. Whether you are after a prepaid or post plan, this guide has all the insights you need to select the best mobile plans to suit your priorities.

Now let’s check out all the plans offered by AT&T below:

AT&T Plans; what are they?

AT&T Unlimited &More AT&T Unlimited &More Premium
1 line $70/mo. $80/mo.
2 lines $125/mo. $150/mo.
3 lines $145/mo. $170/mo.
4 lines $160/mo. $190/mo.


AT&T mobile plans fall into three main sections, including unlimited data plans, shared data plans, and prepaid data plans.

Unlimited data plans

This particular data bundle offers unlimited data, just like the name suggests. The plan pairs its data with unlimited talk and text, and still carry with them several other features and limitations.

Shared data plans

These are AT&T’s mobile Share Plus plans. The shared plans offer a specific amount of high-speed data that can be shared among several users on the same account.

Moreover, both shared plus plans and unlimited data plans, share the same cost per line rates – where the more the lines you add, the lesser the cost per line. This plan is known to be cost-effective and acts as an incentive for families and friends to register as one.

Prepaid plans

AT&T’s prepaid plans are not any different since it offers the same features as the postpaid mobile plans. However, the payment process is notably different – users have to pay before getting the service.

How much data can your device consume?

While data as low as 1GB might be sufficient for some users – those who mainly use their mobile device for calling and texting, and occasionally use Google, the same might not apply for us data hogs.

For instance, if you love streaming a lot of video content, then you will need to go for 10GB plans and going up. If you’re a heavy internet suffer or social media addict, then you’re looking at an estimate of a 5GB plan. What’s more, if you end up using all your high-speed data plan, AT&T still lets you browse, though over lower speeds – ensuring you continue to stay online.

AT&T NEXT plan now includes Device and Data installment upgrade schedule

If the selling price of a new phone along with a new data plan is too high to afford at once, AT&T now lets you pay using a new installment plan; over 24-30 months.

Both the Next and Next Every Year plans allow users to trade-in their old phones and take a new one before you finish paying for it. Here’s how both these plans work:

AT&T Next plan

This particular plan enables you to pay for your new upgrade over the next 30 months. And at the end of the 30 months, when you’re done paying for your device, the charges will be dropped. However, after 24 months, you will have the option to trade-in your current phone for a new one.

AT&T Next Every Year plan

This type of plans suits individuals who can afford a partially higher monthly rate and wish to upgrade to a new phone each year. And after 12 payments, you can trade-in your current device before upgrading to a new one.

How to pay for a Samsung Galaxy S9


  $0 down payment $300 down payment
Retail price: $789.99 $789.99
Down payment: $0 $300
Financed price: $789.99 $489.99
AT&T Next
(pay off in 30 months):
$26.34/mo.3 $16.34/mo.3
AT&T Next Every Year
(pay off in 24 months):
$32.92/mo.3 $20.42/mo.3

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