Best Cell Phone Plans For November

November is here and there is no better time than now to switch phone plans. This could be to get a new phone (Like the iPhone XS or the Pixel 3) or to get more data!

But what cell phone plans are the best? We have rounded up the most comprehensive plans that deserve your attention!

Now, these plans do depend on what you are looking for. Someone who travels by themselves will have different expectations than someone looking for a family plan.

Best Overall Plan: Mint (Prepaid)

You can’t laugh at 10 GB of data for only $25 a month when you pay three months in advance. Including unlimited talk and text within the United States, this great plan deserves its top ranking position.

  • 4G LTE Network for top speeds
  • 10 GB of data
  • Unlimited Talk & Text
  • Prepaid (3 months for $75)
  • Runs on the T-Mobile network.

There are even higher plans if you commit to a longer time frame (such as 6 months to 12 months in advance).

Best Features Plan: Verizon Beyond Unlimited

If you are willing to spare no expense, then there are a variety of phone plans that come jam-packed with features that will solve every need. But the best of the bunch is the Verizon Beyond Unlimited plan, that comes with…

  • Operates on the best network in the United States (97.5% coverage of continental USA).
  • Unlimited Talk & Text.
  • Unlimited Data (On fast 4G LTE network everywhere).
  • $85 a month (Plus $30 when signing up).
  • Receive a $150 bonus gift card (Prepaid Master Card) when signing up.

Best Data Plan: T-Mobile Plans

This is a much tricker option, as all four carriers (AT&T, Verison, Spirit, and T-Mobile) all have unlimited data plans. Hence, it is a balance between cost, speed and coverage. And there is one clear winner.

Spirit has less coverage than the other carriers
AT&T and Verizon both have restrictions on their unlimited plans (such as stopping hot-spotting past 15 GB per month).

Thus we recommend T-Mobile.

  • 4G mobile network
  • Unlimited Data, Call and Text
  • $70 a month
  • 480p video streaming, or upgrade to HD video streaming for an additional $15 dollars a month.

There is a cheaper T-Mobile plan at only $60 a month (T-Mobile Essentials) however it has some restrictions. If you want to prepay, also consider the T-Mobile Metro plan that includes a massive value for $60.

  • Unlimited Data (Up to 15 GB for hot spotting devices).
  • HD video.
  • Prepaid plan (Don’t spend more).
  • National calls and texts included.
  • Amazon Prime and Google One membership included!

Best International Plan: Google Project Fi

When looking for a plan to hold you overseas, look no further than the excellent Google Project Fi.

With 135 Countries supported and no roaming fees, you will find that $20 a month will take you a long way.

  • $20 a month for Unlimited Talk & Text.
  • $10 per 1 GB in each country at 4G speeds.
  • 135 countries supported.
  • Plans are capped at $80, so even if you use more data you won’t pay more!
  • It does not have a specific network but uses a different network depending on country.

Runner-up: T-Mobile, with an additional 100 countries over the Google Project Fi (Brining the total country count up to 210) its a worthy mention, however, users will only get 2G data speeds.

Best Prepaid Plan: T-Mobile Metro

This was the hardest item on the list to find, as there are plenty of excellent options on the market. But a winner just beating AT&T was T-Mobiles Metro.

  • 10 GB of data each month
  • Unlimited Talk and Text
  • $40 a month with no additional fees.
  • Runs on the T-Mobile network.

Best Family Plan: T-Mobile One

The T-Mobile One family plan has so much value that it makes other family plans look like ‘just friends’ plans.

This plan is BYO phone but with unlimited data to four lines (At 3G speeds mind you) who is counting?

  • $140 a month (Plus $100 sign up fee)
  • Four devices
  • Unlimited Talk & Text in the United States
  • Unlimited data (3G)
  • T-Mobile network

Best Cheap Plan: Simple Mobile

We love the Simple Mobile plan. If you bring your own phone it is only $25 a month with an additional $5 rebate if you set an auto recharge. This brings the overall costs down to just $20 a month. It includes unlimited talk and text throughout the United States.

  • $25 per month
  • Unlimited Talk & Text
  • Hotspot your devices to your data.
  • 3GB data included
  • Runs on the T-Mobile network.

Cheapest Plan (Under $30): Republic Wireless

Simple mobile is a great deal, but we know can go cheaper…

For those of us who are more cash-strapped and looking for a plan that has a bang for its buck, then we recommend Republic Wireless.

  • $15 a month fee
  • Unlimited Talk & Text included
  • 1 GB of LTE data for $5 extra
  • Runs on the Sprint or T-Mobile network.

Simply put, for $30 you could have your phone covered and have 3 GB of data to do so as you please.

Best Hotspot Plan: Boost Mobile

If you have several data-hungry devices and always work on the go, then sometimes you need a data plan that is set up just right. Enter Boost Mobile, who with their Boost Mobile Unlimited HD plan is able to provide a comprehensive phone plan that doubles as the perfect hotspotting tethering plan.

  • Unlimited Data (Up to 20 GB a month for Hotspotting).
  • No lock-in contract (Change whenever you like).
  • $60 per month (30 days).
  • Runs on the Sprint network.

How do you choose a mobile network?

The very first question that you need to ask is, will you be providing your own phone?

If Yes, you will have a greater range of BYO phone plans that will, in fact, be far cheaper than some of the contracts if you need a phone (As obviously you are playing for a device). If you need a new phone, consider buying it outright, as most plans will incur an additional 20%-40% unnecessary phone cost over 24 months.

Once you know if you bring your own phone or not, decide on how much data you need. If you watch a lot of Netflix, then consider paying more to have at least 10 GB a month. For those who don’t need so much data, look at our cheaper plans.

Let us know in the comments below what plan you think is best.

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