Best Verizon Wireless plans in 2019

Choosing the right Verizon Wireless plans can be a daunting process if you don’t have all the facts and details required. Therefore, in this article, we tried to point out the key features and important details of the various plans offered by the US carrier – making it easier for you to choose your preference.

Verizon Wireless has a wide selection of plans, including multi-tiered unlimited plans, shared data plans, as well as some prepaid plans. So, depending on your preference, whether you want the little-to-no data plan, to unlimited plans, regardless of a prepaid or postpaid method, Verizon wireless will provide.

Users who want to purchase Verizon data plans individually, might not like its best-unlimited plans. However, if they team up and then go for any of the unlimited data plans – multiple users subscribing to the same account will manage to reduce the price rates significantly. Additionally, if you’re not heavy internet users, then Verizon’s shared plans will enable you and your friends to use one shared plan and save on the subscription cost.

Verizon Wireless unlimited plans

Verizon Wireless has three tiers on its unlimited mobile plans, including Go Unlimited, Beyond Unlimited and Above Unlimited. All these unlimited options come with unlimited talk and text bundles for all US users. Moreover, Verizon Up offers rewards, unlimited mobile hotspot, video streaming, call, and text support, as well as data for Canada, Mexico and other abroad users.

Plan 1 line 2 lines 3 lines 4lines Add 4G device
Go Unlimited $80 $70 per line $55 per line $45 per line $20
Beyond Unlimited $90 $85 per line $65 per line $55 per line $20
Above Unlimited $100 $95 per line $75 per line $65 per line $20


How the unlimited tier plans compare

These three unlimited options vary in terms of speed, 4G LTE data limits, and the bonuses they offer. For instance, Go Unlimited offers mobile hotspots for up to 600Kbps speed, the Beyond Unlimited tier gives 15GB of mobile hotspots at 4G LTE speeds. In addition, the Go Unlimited limits its video playback to DVD standard quality of 480p, while other tier plans support up to 720p of HD video streaming.

Plan Speed & limits Streaming video cap Phone hotspot Mobile modems
Go Unlimited Possible speed drops SD phone / HD tablet Yes, 600 kbps No
Beyond Unlimited 22 GB of premium 4G HD phone / FHD tablet Yes, 15 GB of 4G Yes
Above Unlimited 75 GB of premium 4G HD phone / FHD tablet Yes, 20 GB of 4G Yes


The unlimited tier plans also vary on how they handle network traffic. Go Unlimited is likely to lower the speeds at any time if the network traffic is high. Beyond Unlimited will offer 22GB of data, while Above Unlimited will manage to give up to 75GBof data – all at 4G LTE speeds – before they begin decreasing the speeds, in case of a network traffic congestion. You should know that Above Unlimited plans also offer up to 500GB of cloud storage plus some extra travel bonuses.

Best Verizon Wireless plans for you

Plan Plan access phone 4G modem  smartwatch 1 GB to limit
2 GB data (Small) $35 $20 $10 $20 $15
4 GB data (Medium) $50 $20 $10 $20 $15
5 GB data (5) $55 $20 $10 $20 $15
8 GB data (Large) $70 $20 $10 $20 $15
Unlimited data (Go Unlimited, Beyond Unlimited, and Above Unlimited plans) $95 $20 $10 $20 $15


Verizon Wireless Prepaid plans

500 MB 3 GB 7 GB 10 GB Unlimited
One line $30 $40 $50 $60 $75
Every additional line $30 $30 $35 $40 $55


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