Google embracing MVNO trends: Google Fi supporting eSIM?

Google’s global MVNO – previously called Project Fi – went public in the late month of November 2018. Google Fi; the new MVNO’s brand name – began carrying a specific selection of Android devices, as well as Apple’s iPhones.

Google Fi now supporting eSIM

In early December 2018, Google Fi announced its pre-packaged plans for eSIM support; customized for the Pixel phones carried by EE, Deutsche, Telekom and independent MVNO carriers. Its latest moves had two sides were absolutely unrelated; the only similarity they share currently is that both are looking to uncouple the physical infrastructure from the service contract. Regardless, both moves should seek to allow for more roaming convenience; regardless of if whether you prefer one SIM contract with a network carrier, or choose to use an eSIM slot with a third-party contract.

Google also confirmed that it’ll support the eSIM technology in Android, with a special program for OEMs. While Apple already ensured support for eSIM in their 2018 flagship; Google is also expected to improve on its support for eSIM. And double physical SIMs are hugely popular among Android users – who make up 85% of smartphone owners – eSIM will have to be convincingly better if it’s to attract new members.

Google Fi pledges support for multiple carriers

Google Fi pledges support for multiple carriers - Phone Plans

Admittedly, considering the deals Google has announced, the advantage goes to the Pixel 3 line. This means that both the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL can be carried by EE in the UK, Deutsche Telekom in Germany, Airtel in India, Sprint in the US and from MVNO, we have Truphone and GigSky – where both launched in November 2018.

We caught up with a news report forum, where a user was recommending that Google Fi should sell both eSIM and physical SIM plans. The physical SIM will work well in legacy phones, while eSIM will blend a voucher to work in a supported device.

Google Fi offers affordable global roaming services - Phone Plans

In the US, Google Fi offers affordable global roaming services, as well as WiFi hotspot for several years. However, the service is set to launch in the UK. Currently, mobile plan rates are $20 per month of the unlimited plan.

Google is hoping to offer; “instant connectivity across more carrier networks, and devices in the Google ecosystem.” Implying more Android phones, Chromebooks, and Wear OS smartwatches; that is a major selling point for the company.

Wrap up

We understand that Google in its Android adoption plans across the platform, they’re working on a program, which will enable Android phone makers to manufacture eSIM-equipped phones. The main objective is to grow and “enable a consistent and simple experience across the ecosystem.”

We look forward to continuing our work with our partners on the potential benefits of eSIM; whether that’s getting you connected to a phone, watch, tablet, or laptop — in the future.

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