Here’s Why Your eSIM Card Is Important

If you pay any attention to the SIM card in your phone, you likely heard about the introduction of the eSIM card. These are “embedded SIM” cards that are digital. This means you can activate your cell phone plan from a carrier that uses an eSIM without using a physical SIM card. You can already find them in the latest Apple phones, and more carriers and manufacturers are starting to incorporate them. But why are eSIM cards so important?

eSIMs Are Smaller

From the perspective of both the phone manufacturer and the user, the design of an eSIM is simply more convenient. In older SIM cards, most of it is useless plastic with just a little metal stripe holding the important information. As we moved to mini-SIMs, then Micro SIMs, and nano SIMs, the amount of useless plastic decreased. Even a nano-SIM, however, takes up valuable space.

Both a nano SIM and an eSIM card are 0.67 mm thick. A nano-SIM is 12.3 mm high and 8.8 mm wide. However, the eSIM is just 6.0 mm high and 5.0 mm wide. This is valuable space that the manufacturers can use for something else. Another solution would be to make the phone smaller. Or, make it possible to add an eSIM into another type of device, such as a smartwatch, for seamless connectivity.

eSIMs Increase Phone Durability

The ability to get rid of an additional slot with an eSIM card also increases the durability of the phone. This happens because this is one less place that dust and water can enter.

eSIMs Work with All Carriers

A great thing about eSIM cards for you as the phone user is the ability to use it with any carrier. You do not need to get a new SIM card when you switch providers; instead, this is done right in the phone settings. That saves you a great deal of time and hassle.

Switching to a carrier that uses a different size SIM than your phone holds will not be a problem anymore. You will not need to find an adapter, and you will never have to cut your SIM card either. They will all just use the eSIM.

eSIMs Can Include Multiple Plans

Even better, eSIM cards can work with dual SIMs. That means you will be able to have multiple plans on your same phone, even with different carriers. Use that however you want. Those who travel between the two countries regularly may have one eSIM for a carrier in each country. Or you could use a separate number for your personal phone usage and your business usage. Or you could even use one number for texting and talking and another for data.

This is ideal for travelers to places where they would not have service with their normal provider. Also, for those who would normally have to pay exorbitant roaming charges. That is because you could instead get a temporary plan from a local carrier using the eSIM and save money.

Connectivity Across Devices

Because of the size and technology of an eSIM card, it can also be used across various devices. The technology and rewrite-ability of these cards even mean that you share data across devices with ease for convenience. As technology grows, even more, devices can include an eSIM and share your data plan.

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