How will eSIMs technology change your life ?

In a previous article, we touched on a new technology that is making waves in the telecommunication industry, the eSIM.

As mentioned, the eSIM has the unique advantage of doing away with the big and bulky SIM cards that we have grown to love over the years. Most modern companies are starting to embrace the technology, with key players like Apple offering devices that can handle the technology. In fact, the latest round of iPhones, such as the iPhone XS and iPhone XS max actually both have eSIM capability.

Although not many carriers actually take eSIM at the moment, with only the following US carriers currently having plans available.

This is because the US carriers are afraid that without a physical SIM card, customers will be too easy to switch companies.

Naturally, this news got us thinking about what are the other advantages of eSIM technology, and how could the world change when this tech is abundant and found in all devices.

Here are some of the key advantages of using an eSIM


First, we already mentioned the savings from allowing customers to change plans at a moments notice. Because the SIM data is now just data, customers will be able to quickly and easily change between telecommunication service providers. Take the US for example, if you are on a month to month plan, you could switch from AT&T to Verizon without leaving your home. We go into detail on how that works here.


On the flip side of this freedom is also the freedom to change devices. Imagine you have another phone that you want to upgrade into. In the past, you might have had to go into a store, use a special tool to swap the SIM over, and have to wait a few hours for it take effect. In fact, in this authors personal experience, I once had to wait five hours until my current service disabled before scrambling to switch over the physical SIM cards to the new device. eSIM would remove all that hassle and allow customers to click and forget.

Cheaper Costs

Speaking of phone plans, they would get cheaper as there would be fewer costs involved, from service to physical cards. Currently, if you buy a phone plan online, they have to mail out the SIM to you, costing them and your money that could be saved. Under the new model, they would able to pass on the savings to you. Some critics have said they would just keep the difference, but knowing how competitive the SIM card business is, we find it unlikely.

More Devices

With eSIM, more devices will have the ability to connect directly into mobile networks. This means having a laptop that can work anywhere, rather than searching for a specific wireless network or hot spotting off a phone. Heck, imagine if your car was connected with an eSIM. The benefit for the auto industry is huge and can’t wait to use this technology to improve their cars ability to self-drive and have autonomous connectivity.

Smaller Devices

Because there is no actual physical SIM card, this means devices no longer have to be big enough to store a SIM. In the past, devices had to be a certain size, which was not a problem for laptops or iPads, but certainly made for some bulky watchers and other gear. Now we will be able to have eSIM bracelets, thin watches, rings, pens and any device you imagine. We could even have devices that are smaller than the eye can see!

Perfect for Travelers

It is perfect for travelers as well. Imagine flying into a new country and choosing to get a local number. In the past, you would have to go to a mall, find a local brand, choose the best plan, take out your SIM (and lose access to anything related to your old number) and slot it back in. In the future, we will be able to browse a plan before we leave, purchase a number and use both whilst in another country. No hassle to get a new plan and easy to swap out. This will pass on savings to the customer who no longer has to worry about roaming fees or complicated ‘hold’ fees to keep their old number.

Speaking of savings, because of all these new devices will have eSIM functionality and there is no physical device, customers will be able to have one account for everything. Just like having one Netflix account for the whole family, you will have one account for all your devices.

Overall, the eSIM revolution can’t come fast enough!

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