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A study conducted years ago has revealed how you and I cannot have a normal life without our precious gadgets. In the past, ‘the good old days,’ everyone lived happily without ever thinking of owning an electronic device; was it because these marvelous devices had not been developed by then? Or so we imagine.

Drawing from the study, 95% of American people owning mobile phones, spend an approximate 3.5 hours a day staring into the phone. However, researchers haven’t figured out the average time we take on using our phones; considering the varied levels of addiction we have on our smart devices.

The best MVNO plans on the market

Here is our 2019 MVNO list that outlines each service to aid you to get an ideal wireless mobile plan, which will best fit your requirements.

AT&T owned MVNOs

Cricket Wireless

Price rates: Its initial price rates start at $25 every month for calls and texts, but no data options. The prices extend up to $60 a month per month (or $55 a month when using auto-pay) and include unlimited voice and texts, as well as a 4G of LTE data. Moreover, discounts are given when you have more lines; four lines of unlimited data taking only $100 every month.

Unlimited data options: Its unlimited data plan comes in a variety of options. The unlimited data option with up to 3Mbps of speed goes for $55 a month ($50 when using auto-pay), and its next option is valued at $60 every month ($55 with auto-pay) for an unlimited 4G of LTE speeds, plus other perks.

Best known for: its multiple line data discount, which makes Cricket Wireless the most affordable plan option for families having teenagers.

Note: What’s more, both downloading and streaming speeds are limited to certain plans, and Cricket might throttle speeds during network congestion periods.

FreeUP Mobile

Price rates: FreeUp’s initial plan is surprisingly free, and bundles a 250-minutes of calls, 250 texts, plus 100MB 4G of LTE data. Also, there’s a $10 a month plan that will give you unlimited calls, and texts; but 200MB of 4G LTE data.

Unlimited data options: Its unlimited plan retails at $20 per month, and offers unlimited voice, messaging and 1GB of data.

Best known for: Its free option suits low-income users who rarely need their devices.

Note: FreeUP offers all its services purely over the cloud; that includes billing and customer support.

Verizon owned MVNOs

Page Plus Cellular

Price rates: Its initial plan goes for $12 a month ($10 with auto-pay) and includes 500 minutes of calling, 500 texts/ multi-media messages, and 100MB of data. Its peak plan retails for $55 every month and gives unlimited calls, texts, and 4G LTE data as well.

Unlimited data options: It’s $55 per month option gives unlimited calls, texts and 4G of LTE data.

Best known for: It’s ultra-cheap $12 every month option is an excellent choice for users who rarely use their phones.

Note: Page Plus Cellular has speed coverage that varies. For example, at 2GB data speeds, some functionalities like downloading and streaming of media content will be greatly affected.

Sprint owned MVNOs


Price rates: Tello offers one of the most affordable plans for as low as $5 a month, and offers 100 minutes of talk time, free texts, but no data. There’s also the $39 per month plan, which offers unlimited calls, free texts and up to 10GB of data.

Unlimited data options: Tello has a 4G of LTE unlimited data plan, but once you reach its set-threshold, your speeds will be throttled.

Best known for: Tello’s surprising cheap plans are great for beginners like kids who will need the phones for emergencies only. Moreover, its $5 a month option suits users who need their phones for emergencies only.

Note: Its unlimited data plan is not exactly ‘unlimited’ since it throttles your speeds once you hit the set data limit.

Virgin Mobile

Price rates: Virgin Mobile’s initial plan starts at $35 every month, and it’ll get you unlimited calls, messaging, and 5GB of 4G LTE data. On the other hand, its $60 per month will also give you unlimited calls and texts but includes an unlimited 4G of LTE data as well.

Unlimited data options: Virgin Mobile has a $60 per month option which offers unlimited calls, messages, and 4G of LTE data.

Best known for: Its plans blend well with travelers who enjoy staying at Virgin hotels, since consumers of this plan get extra discounts at the hotels, with an addition 0.025% student loan refinance rate, and a discounted SoFi, and other many perks.

Boost Mobile

Price rates: Like Virgin Mobile, Boost Mobile’s plan start with a $35 a month option that will give you 5GB of 4G LTE data, and unlimited calls and texts. Its $60 every month will get you unlimited calls, texts, and 4G of LTE data.

Unlimited data options: Boost Mobile has one of the best-unlimited plans which goes for $80 a month, and it offers unlimited data, HD media streaming, and a 50GB of mobile hotspot.

Best known for: Boost Mobile has the best family plan options.


Price rates: Ting uses an entirely different system of billing. With Ting, you don’t exactly select a plan to use, but instead, you use what you need to consume, and your usage will be put together and shared across all your owned devices. And at the end of your billing cycle, you’ll pay what you used. For instance, a single line with 1000 minutes, 1000 texts and 2GB of data will cost around $50 per month.

Unlimited data options: The most interesting thing with Ting, is that you pay for what you use.

Best known for: Ting is a perfect choice for users who don’t want to be limited to picking a particular plan.

Note: Paying for your granted data, can turn out to be costly. For instance, if you use more than 2GB of data on any plan, you will have to pay for $20 and an additional $10 for every GB consumed. On the other hand, Ting also offers a savings and rates calculator on its site, to allow users to compare plan pricing rates.

T-Mobile owned MVNOs


Price rates: MetroPCS’s plan options begin at $30 a month, offering 2GB of ultra-fast speeds data per single line, and advances to a $60 every month option which bundles unlimited fast speeds data, with a 15GB of mobile hotspot, 100GB of Google One service and exclusive Amazon Prime membership

Unlimited data options: MetroPCS offers unlimited high speeds data connection from as low as $50 a month.

Best known for: While MetroPCS’s plan options are almost the same to the original mobile plans; it’s an ideal choice for users who only want to test MVNOs options before jumping in.

Note: MetroPCS has coverage restrictions.

Mint Mobile

Price rates: Mint knows how to entice its customers with incentives. For instance, it offers three-month welcoming plan options, starting with a $15 per month option that gives 2GB of 4G LTE data (normal rates being $23 a month). There’s also a welcoming $25 a month that’ll get you 10GB 4G of LTE data (normal rate is $38 per month). Also, they have a six-month, and twelve-month options. What’s more, all their options have unlimited calls and texts.

Unlimited data options: Mint offers unlimited plan options for its entire plan, but will throttle speeds once a set-limit is reached.

Best known for: It’s three, six, and twelve-month plan options offer an easy platform to try out Mint’s options.

Note: Mint’s coverage is at times restricted.

Multinetwork MVNOs

Google Fi

Price rates: Google Fi, which is owned by Google, offers its plan options starting at $20 a month, and it gives unlimited calls, and texts (with $15 a month for each extra person). Google Fi also charges $10 for each GB used; until it hits 6GB, at which point you’ll not be charged anymore, for the remaining period of that month.

Unlimited data options: Its unlimited options cuts across its options.

Best known for: After you use 6GB of data; you’re no longer charged, and the data usage is unlimited for that whole month.

Note: Google Fi throttles your connection speeds once you exceed 15GB of data in a single month. Moreover, if you purchase a mobile device that is tailored to use Fi; then you’ll experience faster connection speeds, and it’ll shift between three 4G LTE network providers.

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