Purchase an Unlocked phone at Best Buy and Save Up to $10/Month for 12 months on Cricket Wireless Unlimited Plan 

Best buy Crickect Wireless Deals

Advancement in technology and the internet has revolutionized the way people across the globe do their shopping. Currently, most people prefer buying items online/e-commerce over the earlier prevalent conventional method of going to the shopping stores. The advantage of e-commerce is that you can purchase products from different companies and brands that are not necessarily in your home country while sitting in your home. Various sites have come up and offer platforms that customers use to buy items online. Among these platforms include Amazon, eBay, Etsy, and Best Buy, among others.

Best Buy is an American multinational online shopping site that retails in electronic products. Recently Best Buy stroke a deal with Cricket Wireless unlimited plan. It is a prepaid major US operator and MVNOS – where if you buy an unlocked phone and activate purchase at Best Buy, you are offered a discount. The holy grail is that you save money on both the phone and the unlimited plan, which few network and service providers offer in the USA.

How to get the offer

To claim this offer, a customer will have to buy an unlocked phone alongside a BYOD SIM kit offered by Cricket Wireless with a higher than or a $55 refill card. The unlocked device can only be activated in-store on a new Cricket Wireless account. This means that the offer is only available and can only be purchased in-store. New service lines are the ones that can only access this deal, and it will be available until May 2, 2020.

Best Buy is offering a $10/month off for 12 months when you buy an unlocked phone on a Cricket Wireless unlimited plan. Furthermore, customers can also save up to $10/month on bill credits on purchasing and activation of two new Cricket Wireless Alcatel Onyx or Samsung Galaxy A10e’s phones on a $55 priced plan or higher.

If a customer qualifies for the bill credits, they get a $10 discount per month off their $55 or higher priced Cricket Wireless unlimited data plan of 12 months. The bill credits start to be applied 45 days after activation.

Cricket Wireless plans

Cricket wireless offers two unlimited that you can use to claim this deal. These offers are as follows:

The $55/Month Unlimited Cricket Core 

The plan comes with high-speed data, considered to be up to 3 Mbps, unlimited text, and talk. Texting is unlimited to over 35 countries across the globe. A user can text, talk, and use data while traveling either in Mexico or Canada without incurring extra charges. The price of the plan includes fees and taxes. Further, the plan limits video streaming to a 480p resolution, and it doesn’t include a mobile hotspot. The plan is also lowered to $50 per month by a $5 auto pay discount per month. The multi-line discounts available include:

  • Two lines at $80
  • Three lines at $90
  • Four lines at $100
  • Five lines at $125

The $55/Month Unlimited Cricket More Plan

The plan offers 4G LTE data, unlimited text, and talk. During times of heavy congestion, the data speeds may temporarily slow down. Texting is unlimited to over 35 countries. You can text, talk, or use data while traveling in either Canada or Mexico without paying any extra charges. The price further includes taxes and fees. The plan includes a 15GB mobile hotspot, but the hotspot can only be enabled on Cricket branded phones. Streaming of videos is limited to a 480p resolution. A $5 per month autopay discount will further lower the price to $50 per month. The multi-line discounts allowed include:

  • Two lines for $90
  • Three lines for $110
  • Four lines for $130
  • Five lines for $160

Some sources say that the $1o per month is stackable. Although not verified, the rumors suggest that if a customer has many lines, off of the multi-line discounts, they can be able to save an extra $10 per month per each line. For example, if a customer has got two lines, they will save $20 per month of the plans price from $90 per month, meaning they will pay $70 per month. And if you have three lines, then you will save $30 per month.

cricket wireless discounts

Additionally, when buying select Cricket phones on Cricket Wireless, you can save up to $60 in $10 per month of bill credits. To get this offer, you must pick two new Cricket Wireless Alcatel Onyx ($59.99 ea.) or Samsung Galaxy A10e’s($79.99 ea.) phones on a $55 priced plan or higher. The customers who qualify for this deal enjoy it for eight months.

The future of eSIM and Cricket Wireless

ESIM is a reasonably new technology in the smartphone or rather the communication industry across the globe. Currently, it’s only a few carriers as well as eSIM-ready cell phones are to offer eSIM plans.

But then, what is an eSIM?

An eSIM is an electronic SIM card. Unlike the plastic SIM card, an eSIM is inbuilt in the cell phone device, and it is thus irremovable. ESIMs make switching between plans and carriers easy. If a carrier is compatible or supports eSIM, it remotely wipes and reprograms data. This allows you to switch carriers and plans within a matter of minutes.

Currently, the phones that are compatible with eSIM include the Samsung Galaxies S20, S20 Plus, S20 Ultra, and the Z Flip, iPhones 11, 11 Pro, 11 Pro Max, XS, XS Max and Google Pixels 3, 3 XL, 4 and 4 XL. Most of these phones allow you to use the regular SIM card as well as the eSIM.

Currently, Cricket Wireless doesn’t support eSIM. The current providers include T-Mobile, AT&T, Telna, Verizon, and Gig Sky.


If you currently want a phone, then don’t hesitate to visit Best Buy online website and order your device from the site. Don’t let this generous discount from the Cricket Wireless plan pass.

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