Samsung Note 10, not Galaxy S10 will be Samsung’s first 5G phone. Here’s why

With each breaking dawn, brings smartphone news. This time, Samsung has hit us with a surprising new twist. Now there’s compelling speculation that Samsung Galaxy S10 – previously attributed to 5G support – is likely to be untrue, and instead, it is the Samsung Note 10 that will ship with the 5G technology. Samsung has scheduled the unpacked event to go down in South Korea on the 20th of February later this month.

The reason why

Evan Blass, one of the most reliable tipsters in the smartphone news; he now says that the 5G hype will not be coming to the Samsung Galaxy S10 after all. We also know that only three 4G LTE equipped models are available.

Blass recently tweeted on his Twitter page highlighting the three most anticipated Galaxy S10 phones [all engraved in transparent cases], and captioned:

“Samsung Galaxy S10E, S10, and S10+ (L to R), encased”.

All these three futuristic phones; the Galaxy S10, S10E, and S10+ blend well with the latest leaks, considering no fourth device has been mentioned anywhere yet. However, the Galaxy S10+ range was supposedly expected to support 5G technology – and now not so much.

Evan Blass has a good reputation that precedes him when it comes to his accuracy with leaks and renders. That is why his new reveal rattled several news outlets to ask why Samsung would want to remove 5G support from the S10 tier. The answer to it might be well revealed, following the development of the Galaxy Note 10 device; that is to launch in August 2019.

New 7nm Exynos processor in the making?

According to a news report, Samsung is currently working on an improved super-powered 7nm Exynos processor; scheduled to be announced in the second half of 2019. The new Exynos 9825, is a major development from the previous 8nm Exynos 9829; already slated to feature in the Galaxy S10 line.

Ideally, Samsung has used the exact same chip in its previous Galaxy S-series, and Note-series releases each year; where the S8 and Note 8 shared the same processor, and both S9 and Note 9 used the same processor as well.

In 2019, Samsung seemed to be breaking tradition, because the new 7nm Exynos processor will be available on the 5G equipped device, Phone Arena reports. Additionally, the new processor has bitten big-name processors like the Exynos 9820, and the Snapdragon 855 processors; considering none of them is currently equipped to support 5G in certain regions.

The 5G-equipped Samsung phone twist

As such, the phone maker is currently not ready to produce a 5G-equipped device; since they’re waiting for a fully integrated 5G processor. And what better chance to dive for than going for the upcoming Exynos 9825 processor; the move will save them from production validity, market readiness, and design.

While the new leak might be true, Samsung might just decide to surprise with an ultra-exciting, one last keynote product launch of the Unpacked event; with an unforeseen 5G Samsung Galaxy S10; leaving a light touch of excitement for the upcoming Mobile World Congress (MCW) 2019. However, we hope that more light will be shed on what are the actual plans for the phone maker.

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