T-Mobile’s Best Data Plan in 2024

A report released by T-Mobile entailing its performance shows an increased number of wireless US consumers who are now migrating to their carrier service. According to their report, the company is now the leading carrier to rack up new clients at an industry-growing rate. Therefore, if you’re planning to register with T-Mobile, then you might want to read through, for a chance to know the best data plan to subscribe to.

T-Mobile Essentials, ONE, or ONE Plus?

Once, T-Mobile devised easy ways for its users to select and subscribe to their plans, but that is not the case anymore. Since the past year, the carrier company replaced their old International plan with the current Essentials plan. However, T-Mobile seems to be making it tougher by the day to access their prepaid plans. In this comparison, we tried to ignore T-Mobile’s prepaid plans, considering their rates match those of Essentials plans. We, therefore, have prepared a table that will enable you to compare various rates for the three T-Mobile data plans – to help you choose the ideal plan for your usage.

T-Mobile’s Unlimited Data Plans

T- Mobile Essentials T-Mobile ONE T-Mobile ONE Plus
1 Lines $60 $70 $85
2 Lines $90 $120 $140
3 Lines $105 $120 $150
4 Lines $120 $140 $180
Data Type Limitless (likely decreased speeds with additional throttling until 50GB) Unlimited (No throttling until 50GB used) Unlimited (No throttling until 50GB used)
Hotspot Limitless (3G speeds) Unlimited (3G speeds) Unlimited (first 20GB at 4G LTE, then 3G)
International Unlimited talk, text, 2G data in Mexico & Canada
Texting in 210+ countries
Unlimited talk, text, 5GB data in Mexico & Canada
Texting & data in over 210+ countries
Same as T-Mobile ONE + 2x data speed abroad
Video Quality 480p 480p HD
Other None Netflix included (2+ lines)
Inflight texting + 1 hour data
Unlimited in-flight WiFi

From our analysis, we think that the ONE plan is a standard T-Mobile data plan. The US carrier has marked the ONE option as the most obvious plan users are likely to go for – that is if you don’t select the Essentials plan.

T-Mobile’s Essentials plans

While we believe the Essentials plans are worth considering, especially if you don’t use hotspot services, and looking to travel outside of the US. Essential plan’s $60 – allows adding until 10GB hotspot data, going for $10 every month. If say, you need to get plans for more than two lines, the carrier will give you extra upgrades, meant to suffice the increased price rates. In addition, any taxes and extra fees for this plan is never added to the plan price – the same case applies to the ONE plans.

T-Mobile’s ONE plans

In many instances, the most exciting features are found on the Essentials plan. However, T-Mobile’s ONE plan is currently offering a quicker day-to-day data plan for up to 50GB throttling optimum. You can also purchase the 5GB of the LTE data in Canada and Mexico, as well as data coverage in over 200 US regions. Therefore, whether you don’t frequently travel out of the US, the plan’s rates are cheaper, like those of Essentials.

T-Mobile’s ONE Plus plans

T-Mobile’s ONE Plus plan is considered the most flexible data plan. For instance, ONE Plus gives an option to add-on extra T-Mobile ONE plan. Each ONE Plus plan is mostly an upgrade to its lesser, ONE plan, and not actually a stand-alone plan. If you subscribe to the plan, then you’ll be required to pay $15 extra every month, for a single line. The case changes when you have two T-Mobile lines, meaning you can only pay $10 every line upgrade – offering a 20GB 4G LTE hotspot data, faster international data speeds, content streaming in HD, and unlimited in-flight WiFi. Therefore, these four intriguing features only go for $10.

What’s more, T-Mobile allows you to upgrade for ONE plan to the trendy ONE Plus, should you need more.

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