Verizon adding full Apple Music as free perk to some unlimited phone plans

Recently, Verizon announced its strategic plans that Apple Music will now be available in its two mobile plans, including ‘Beyond Unlimited’ and ‘Above Unlimited’ – at no extra costs – starting 17th January 2019.

While Verizon’s unlimited users have always enjoyed six months of free Apple Music trial; the situation seems to have become way better following the recent announcements. Exclusive reports are suggesting that Verizon is including Apple Music to two of its unlimited plans while giving access t0 a $9.99 subscription for no extra costs.

Additionally, the free perk will be included to new Verizon subscribers on both the Beyond and Above Unlimited plans. Users under the Verizon ‘Go Unlimited’ plan will also continue to enjoy the Apple Music – six months free trial.

The free Apple Music bonus was launched a few days ago; according to the information we received. And while we were waiting for Verizon to announce the launch, we relied on leaks from approved sources. Verizon is yet to make the announcements public.

Apple Music will be on both iPhone and Android

According to Verizon, Apple Music will be available on both iOS and Android consumers; since Apple as the Music app on both platforms. In the past, Verizon mobile plans only included a 6-month free trial of the Apple Music – before the offer expired.

What’s the catch?

The new perk included in the unlimited is perceived by many users, and organizations alike, but is there a price to be paid? Looking at the deal, point blank, there appears to be none. A documentation containing the deal showed that the prices were to remain unchanged. For instance, Beyond and Above Unlimited will retail at $50and $60 every month, respectively; that is without taxes and other levies fees.

We understand that Verizon could be increasing the price rates and continues to use Apple Music as an incentive to lure subscribers; bait and switch play – but cannot confirm yet. A bit on the downside, Verizon in their Terms and Condition, they maintain exclusive rights to remove the bonus Apple Music from the plans anytime.

The strategic plan is similar to that of T-Mobile’s free Netflix perk. The US carrier offers an affordable Netflix streaming to its subscribers while offering high priced mobile plans at a discounted rate.

If you are an active Verizon subscriber, particularly under the Beyond or Above Unlimited plans; then you should have access to free Apple Music. Moreover, the free perk will be available for both new subscribers and users who are conservative of the old unlimited plan.

In a race for US carriers offering the best perks for its customer, Verizon always comes short. This is because the carrier mostly relies on its network, rather than both its network and perks. AT&T on the hand excels at including bonuses in its mobile plans. Sprint too is offering some tidal perks alongside its plans.

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